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Fungicide Resistance Guidelines from AHDB and FRAG-UK

Resistance occurs when a pathogen becomes so insensitive to a fungicide that the fungicide’s field performance is impaired. Resistance can arise rapidly and completely so that disease control is lost in a single step. More commonly, resistance deve...

Potential 'Achilles heel' for potato blight

A potential "Achilles heel" for potato blight has been discovered following a collaboration between scientists in Dundee and China. They have identified a potato enzyme that, if removed, could prevent the fungal disease taking hold.

Advice from Thompson & Morgan

Late blight is a serious and widespread disease of the Solanaceae family. It is often called potato blight or tomato blight as it particularly affects these crops, and can destroy a tomato or potato crop in as little as 10 days. However the causal pa...

Blight Advice from the RHS

Potato and tomato blight, properly called late blight, is a disease of the foliage and fruit or tubers of tomatoes and potatoes, causing rotting. It is most common in wet weather.

Potato Growers Gain New Blight Fungicide

Potato growers are set to benefit from the addition of another new product to Belchim’s potato range, this time it is a new fungicide combination which offers effective control of both foliar and tuber blight via a combination of two well established...