Potato Growers Gain New Blight Fungicide

Potato growers are set to benefit from the addition of another new product to Belchim’s potato range, this time it is a new fungicide combination which offers effective control of both foliar and tuber blight via a combination of two well established active ingredients.
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Kunshi has now been approved by the Chemical Regulations Directorate and contains the active ingredients cymoxanil and fluazinam explains Belchim Marketing and Development Country Manager Simon Leak.

 “Kunshi is available as an easy to use water dispersible granule (WG) formulation and has a use pattern of 8 applications with intervals of 7 days between sprays and a harvest interval of 7 days. It is an interesting combination of a curative compound and a multi-site fungicide in a ratio that delivers a high dose of cymoxanil at full rate (125 gai/ha) and 188 gai/ha of fluazinam.  Kunshi will offer growers rate flexibility in many different blight pressure scenarios as either a stand-alone product or when mixed with other blight products”

“From our trial results we also found a positive side effect on the control of sclerotinia.  The maximum label dose rate is 0.5 Kg/ha”


For further information please contact Simon Leak Simon.leak@belchim.com  or visit www.belchim.co.uk

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