Belchim Crop Protection

Belchim, founded in Belgium in 1987 by Mr Dirk Putteman, Managing Director, became Belchim Benelux after expansion to the Netherlands and now trades under the name of Belchim Crop Protection. Belchim entered into the UK market in 2003 and are now recognised as a major supplier of plant protection products.

Belchim Crop Protection have grown from strength to strength since entering the UK market and have a particularly strong portfolio in potatoes. The portfolio includes Belchim’s own registrations as well as those of shareholder Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha (ISK) and other major suppliers. The acquisition of active ingredients is high on our list of priorities and we are continuously developing products within our biological line. Belchim invests in a wide variety of products to give our customer’s maximum choice when using crop protection, together with reliability and a sustainable approach to agriculture. Belchim Crop Protection’s innovative approach is aimed at delivering solutions adapted to the evolution of the market.

As well as having just launched a new residual herbicide into the potato market (metobromuron) with no soil type or varietal restrictions, Belchim Crop Protection offers a number of products to combat Potato Blight:

Ranman Top is a market leading fungicide brand for late blight (Phytophthora infestans) with excellent activity against foliar, stem and tuber blight.  Its properties and range of activity mean it can be used throughout the programme from rosette stage right through to harvest.  With proven activity against foliar and tuber blight, a 5 day interval between sprays and a 7 day harvest interval it is the foundation of most blight programmes.

Kunshi is a newly available fungicide formulated as an easy to use water dispersible granule (WG).  It can be applied up to 8 times per crop with intervals of 7 days between sprays and a harvest interval of 7 days. It is an interesting combination of both a curative and a multi-site active ingredient in a ratio that delivers a high dose of cymoxanil at full rate (125 gai/ha) and 188 gai/ha of fluazinam.  Kunshi will offer growers rate flexibility in many different blight pressure scenarios as either a stand-alone product or when mixed with other blight products.

Profilux is a combination of mancozeb and cymoxanil formulated as a water dispersible granule (WG).  It can be applied up to 6 times per crop and with a maximum total dose of 2.5kg/ha it delivers 1700g of mancozeb which is very useful against Alternaria also. It has a harvest interval of 7 days.

Cymbal is a straight cymoxanil product formulated as a water dispersible granule (WG). At the full rate of 0.25kg/ha it delivers 112.5g/ha cymoxanil and has a 7 day harvest interval.


For further information on our full range of potato products please contact Belchim Crop Protection on 01480 403333, email or visit