Blightwatch Gold Sponsors

The organisations listed below have all proved their commitment to the control of potato Blight by becoming Gold sponsors.

The Met Office

The Met Office Rural and Environment Team (MORET) brings together meteorological and environmental knowledge to deliver a range of bespoke products and services to customers within the environment and agricultural sectors.



REVUS® is an industry-leading foliar blight fungicide from Syngenta – proven year-on-year by trials and growers’ experience to provide exceptional foliar protection and deliver high yields of blight free tubers. REVUS has achieved consistently reliable results throughout the key growing season, from rapid canopy growth right through to crops ready for desiccation. The top solo active in the Euroblight table and with incredible rainfastness, REVUS helps ensure the best results in the most difficult conditions. REVUS should be integral to every blight programme to give growers confidence for the continued production of quality potatoes.   


Produce Solutions


Produce Solutions provide quality technical advice and support for potato and fresh produce growers and businesses throughout the major growing regions of the UK.

The team are BASIS and FACTS qualified and have a combination of skilled experience in agronomic crop management and commercial insights. These strengths allow the team to match the key requirements of end customers with the requirements needed by growers to ensure successful, efficient and profitable crop production.

Produce Solutions have a number of ‘tools’ that aid optimising crop and commercial performance through improved crop planning, nitrogen forecasting and management and benchmarking of plant populations.

www.producesolutions.couk / Twitter@ProduceSolution


Bayer CropScience

Infinito gives you control of all stages of the blight life-cycle, as well as providing long-lasting control of foliar and tuber blight in order to maximise yields in your potato crop.

Infinito is a co-formulation of fluopicolide and propamocarb; active substances which work hand in hand to protect every part of the potato plant – leaves, stems, tips and tubers – and attack the late blight pathogen. As a result it has premier league Euroblight ratings for effectiveness against foliar blight, tuber blight and anti-sporulant efficacy.