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Agrico, Europe’s leading potato breeder are developing the Next Generation of potatoes. Delicious and unique thanks to their natural resistance. Extremely versatile, a range of varieties suitable for conventional and organic cultivation methods.

These varieties eliminate the need for intensive protection against Late Blight. Alouette, Carolus, Twinner and Twister, varieties for a sustainable future.

Also introducing new Next Generation varieties Jacky, Levante and Beyonce. All of which have very good Foliage and Tuber Late Blight resistance. They are currently undergoing further trials for their field and commercial performance in various markets.

All of the Next Generation varieties have Late Blight resistance, high yield potential and great taste. They offer the grower the potential to improve margins by reducing routine preventative spraying and saving input costs. The Next Generation produce yields comparable to other varieties in conventional production and have great taste and flavour.

The result of 35 years of plant breeding now gives the potato industry an opportunity to embrace a real change in the production of potatoes. This will require a change of mindset, especially for the grower. It is a truly sustainable story for all markets to promote to their customers and a real benefit for potato production.

Agrico’s Next Generation potatoes. Good for people, the planet and a great choice for you!

For more information please contact Gavin Towers, Product Manager.