UPL Europe Ltd

UPL Europe Ltd (UPL) is a leading global producer of crop protection products, specialty chemicals and other industrial chemicals. At a global level UPL operates in all key continents with offices in 30 countries.  UPL is one of the leading producers of post-patent products in the world. As a company UPL is lean, fit and responsive and efficient formulation and manufacturing processes enable UPL to offer cost-effective solutions to the crop production industry.

The majority of UPL’s European product are formulated in the United Kingdom with the production plant capable of producing a wide range of products for UPL as well as acting as a toll formulator for many multi-national companies.

UPL continues to develop its range of potato products and is the global leader in the manufacture of mancozeb.

UPL has a range of potato fungicide products which are based on the key multi-site active mancozeb.

Mancozeb is a protectant fungicide that is typically included in a tank-mix with other fungicides as a tool to help with resistance management against the control of both early and late potato blight.  Mancozeb belongs to the dithocarbamate group of fungicides and is classified by the Fungicide Resistance Action Committee (FRAC) as belonging to the mode of action group MS (Multi Site Action).  There is no known resistance to mancozeb.

Manzate 75WG (75% mancozeb)  is a fungicide for the control of late potato blight (Phytophthora infestans) and early blight (Alternaria). Formulated as a water dispersible granule (WDG) Manzate 75WG is a flexible tank-mix partner for use with other fungicides, it has a 7-day harvest interval and can be used up to 8 times per crop.

Nautile DG (5% cymoxanil and 68% mancozeb) is formulated as a water dispersible granule (WDG) that combines the local system action of cymoxanil with the protectant activity of mancozeb in a unique dual action co-formulation.  Nautile DG has no harvest interval allowing it to be used right to the end of blight control programmes.


Penncozeb 80WP (80% mancozeb) is formulated as a wettable powder (WP) and is a flexible tank  mix partner.  Penncozeb 80WP can be applied up to 8 times per crop and has a maximum total dose of 1.7kg/ha, it has a harvest interval of 7 days.


Sacron WG (45% cymoxanil) is a straight cymoxanil product formulated as a water dispersible granule (WG). At the full rate of 0.22kg/ha it delivers 99g/ha cymoxanil and has a 14-day harvest interval. Sacron WG must always be used in tank mix with a contact preventative fungicide such as Manzate 75WG or Penncozeb 80 WP.


For further information on our full range of potato products please contact UPL Europe on +44 (0) 1925 819999 email info.uk@uniphos.com or visit www.upleurope.com